Creative Cloud Users: PVII Extensions work with all Creative Cloud versions—including CC 2017. You do need to use the PVII Extension Manager as Adobe has dropped support for its own Extension Manager. The PVII Extension Manager is free. Download it here. Also note that Adobe has published a list of bugs in CC 2017. More about CC 2017 bugs.

Product Spotlight The PVII Product of the Month | Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

Slide Out Panel Magic Re-release...

Add 5 new features to Slide Out Panel Magic. A special holiday gift for Slide Out Panel Magic users!

Slide Out Panel Magic (SOP) allows you to create one or more responsive and adaptive slide-out panels on your page, Configure, style, and set options In visual Dreamweaver user interface. Panels can contain images, text captions, text content, forms, other PVII Widgets, PVII galleries and slide shows, or any other type of content. SOP panel content is fully editable in Dreamweaver Design View!

Slide Out Panel Magic gives you total design freedom with tons of power, style, and flexibility. What can it do? Just about anything you can imagine!

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Existing SOP Users: Visit the SOP Updates Page for instructions on how to download the updated version. New users will automatically get the updated version.

5 New Features...

Upgrade free for all new and current SOP owners.

  1. Fixed Position Close Button.
  2. Reset panel content to top when a panel is reopened.
  3. Page Click to Close.
  4. Suppress Page Scroll while panel is open.
  5. Show Scroll to Top Arrow in Panel.

See a specially prepared example showing all new features and the changes to the interface...

Favorites & Bestsellers

Flex Grid Magic

Flex Grid Magic (FGM) allows you to create responsive Flexible Grids anywhere on your page. Grid boxes can contain any type of content... and it's fully editable in Dreamweaver Design View!
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Omni Panels

Omni Panels is the most powerful and responsive panel widget you can get for Dreamweaver. It adapts to all screen and window sizes automatically.
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Layout Builder Magic

With Layout Builder Magic you'll be able to turn out modern, responsive page layouts like a pro without coding, and without having to learn a massively complex CSS framework.

Michael Rizzo of Averill & Associates in New York says: Simply Stellar! Layout Builder Magic has changed my workflow forever. Any layout you need, and I mean any layout, can be made in minutes with this amazing tool. Well done Project Seven, well done.
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Layout Builder Template Starter Pack

Leverage the power of Layout Builder Magic in a seamless marriage between flexibility and practicality. Choose your weapon: Automatically create a Layout Builder starter page perfectly suited for use with Dreamweaver Templates (DWT) or opt to create static pages perfect for use with server-side includes, PHP, or .NET includes.
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Magic Box

Forget Lightbox. Forget Fancy Box. Magic Box is the ultimate modal window popup tool for Dreamweaver. Mobile-friendly, responsive, and loaded with advanced features—nothing else comes close.
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Pop Box Magic

Pop Box Magic combines the coolness of a classic tooltip, with the power of a multi-purpose modal pop-up creation tool, and wraps it all up in a fully automated Dreamweaver plug-in that is amazingly adaptive, fully responsive, and thoroughly mobile friendly.
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All Currently Offered ProductsAll products are adaptive, responsive, and mobile friendly

PVII Extension Manager for Adobe CC (and higher)

Install PVII extensions with ease. Also installs Photoshop and other Creative Cloud app extensions!

PVII Extension Manager installs on both Windows and Mac systems, providing a means for you to install or remove Extensions (add-ons) for Adobe Creative Cloud applications—including Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more. PVII Extension Manager will install any valid extension from any developer, and It works with all Creative Cloud versions from CC to CC 2015 (and beyond).

Get Extension Manager Now...

Company Information

We believe in making products that are efficient, focused, accessible, adaptive, responsive, and mobile-friendly—which is why every last bit of markup, CSS, and JavaScript in our products, and in our Web site, was written in-house. It's the only way to satisfy our quality standards and, besides, we so love writing code.

About us...

We've been making Dreamweaver extensions (Plug-Ins/Add-Ons) since 1998. In fact, we pioneered commercial plug-ins for Dreamweaver. The company was founded in 1997 by Al Sparber and Gerry Jacobsen— former corporate executives and long-time friends. The team also includes 16 professional code sleuths (beta testers), most of whom have been with us for years helping to ensure that our products meet exacting quality standards—before they are released. When you buy a PVII extension you are buying a product that is ready for any browser, gets you great SEO, is accessible, standards-based, and that comes with a level of refinement that is simply unsurpassed.

Quality Products and Quality Support go Hand in Glove

We believe in good old-fashioned support that is, and always has been, utterly free. We may not always have the answer, but we'll find it. We may not always have the time, but we'll make it.

PVII TutorialsLearn to make your PVII products shine brighter than ever

Our tutorials are a valuable resource, and an aid in understanding important web design techniques, as well as a means to maximizing the capabilities and potential of various PVII products. New tutorials are announced via email newsletter to our customers or on our support forum.

PVII Support...PVII quality does not end with your purchase - it continues with the best customer support in the business

Using Our Extensions in Creative Cloud Versions

Adobe dropped support for its Extension Manager as of version CC 2015. If you are using the Creative Cloud version, we have released a PVII Extension Manager. Please click the link below for more information, or to download it. It's free... and it will install extensions for not just Dreamweaver, but any other CC App!

PVII Extension Manager for Adobe CC Applications.

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Before making a support inquiry, please be certain to have read the documentation that came with your product. Please include your Order Number, Dreamweaver version, as well as your computer operating system type in all support correspondence.



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